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The right place for you to invest money TRON Token

Minvesting.live is an Investment as a Service (IaaS) Platform. Minvesting allows users to symbolically run serverless masternode or stake on our IaaS chain. IaaS chain is designed to interact with cross-chain tokens like ERC20 and TRC20 For Stable ROI generation paid hourly. Minvesting platform allows every user to get ROI on masternode or staking depending on their amount of investment (fixed ROI percentage) despite of network difficulty where it is always unfair for late comers and only beginning users gets most of the rewards. With our cross-chain platform user get paid hourly a fixed percentage for a minimum lock period of 3 month, in that 3 months period there will be no fluctuation of Rate of return percentage , which will lead to sustainable income of user and will prevent in dumping of coins. Minvesting platform will also allow users to get stable hourly returns on all altcoins and stable coins like BTC ,TRX, ETH etc.
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Investment as a Service Platfrom

In IaaS platform deposited currency is sent to cross chain networks and using liquidity pools and sustainable income is generated which at last equally divided into investors as per their deposit percentage on IaaS pool.

Decentralized Multi-Crypto Wallet Mobile App

MINDAPP is a standalone application for Android & IOS with no centralized backend. 100% decentralized with several features like World market capital, top gainers & loser and much more. It will support BTC , ZEC, Bep Tokens, ERC20 tokens.

Multi Level Marketing (Automatic Passive Income)

The process of automatic passive income, in general the MLM is done as Binary MLM but we have some different plans for automated unlimited income till 88k people join in your downline.

Large Scale Mining Farms

We will start a crowdfunding project to acquire 50% funding for our large scale mining farm with at least 50000 GPUs.

100000+ total investor
150000+ total withdraw
450000+ total transaction
Premium Package

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Trial Plan

  • Minimum Deposit 1 MING
  • Maximum Deposit 100 MING
  • Enhanced security
  • 5 MING minimum withdrawal
  • Dedicated support
0.05% Hourly Interest
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Startup Plan

  • Minimum Deposit 101 MING
  • Maximum Deposit 499 MING
  • Enhanced security
  • 5 MING minimum withdrawal
  • Dedicated support
0.07% Hourly Interest
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Investor Plan

  • Minimum Deposit 500 MING
  • Maximum Deposit 500000 MING
  • Enhanced security
  • 5 MING minimum withdrawal
  • Dedicated support
0.10% Hourly Interest
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We're Always Thinking Something Different

From Decentralized Crypto Wallet to MLM Automatic passive income (API) system, we are bagged with innovations and profit making systems.

IaaS Platform brings a lot of benefits while we talk about earning interest on investment, our platform provides the highest interest in the industry with the help of especially designed proprietary algorithms to automatically invest the collected funds from investors and make a super strong automatic earning pool of investment.
When crypto mining and masternode rewards are at their lowest, minvesting platform is giving a stable and fixed income hourly without the dependency of how many miners are there on the network or how many masternodes are active on the network.
Just Invest and earn without even having the cost of any VPS servers to install masternode or any hardware purchasing cost for mining.

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